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April 2007
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We Rock

Again with this Shadow Labyrinth place?  Yep.  I went back to the dreaded SL seeking fame, glory…. Really, I was doing it for the rep 🙂  (Lower City).  I was also helping out some great guildies (Mythos) get their 1st Key Fragment.  They (unlike me) have many lvl 70 alts, so we switched up the group a bit as time went on…  I think we started out with a Hunter (me), Resto Druid, Warrior, Paladin and Mage.  Things switched up a bit here and there and we had a Warlock at some point, a Shadow Priest… I think that is it.  Anyway, we had a pretty good time I would say and although I was accused of being “cranky”, I don’t think I was. 

There seemed to be many Gnomes coming and going in the group and we had a bit of a laugh at the expense of one tough little warrior dude that looked like he had chest armor on that was made, shall we say, for his female counterparts….. Other interesting tidbits were that it took us only 1 try to down the first 2 bosses, although we wiped a couple of times clearing the trash in front of the second boss.  Third boss took a few tries, but on the one we VOWED would be the last (either way, win or lose) we took him down! Huzzah to us…  And!! A really nice Gun dropped: The Wrathfire Hand-Cannon. I was very pleased.. Also, everyone gave me their Marks of Sargeras since they were all Scryer..

In the end, it was 3am.  The toons that needed their key fragment got them. And one, who shall remain nameless (lol), thought he needed the first frag and, instead needed the 2nd and 3rd (I think both).  We had a good chuckle on that one.  We tried to take down Murmur once and failed (not really sure what went wrong… maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention since I was so tired).  We had 1 other guildie still on (a west-coaster I think) and I asked if they could replace me.. I really hope no phat hunter loot dropped. 

So, it was a really fun run.. Guys, you rock! 🙂  As was said many times in the instance. Hey, leave me some comments and add your own take on the run (you know who you are!).  I like to see comments.. (I said that in my last post I think).

Hopefully tonight we can do a quick run at Steamvaults to get me the last 700 or so rep I need for Revered with Cenarion Expedition.  Either SV or maybe underbog to find the 2 other dudes for the quest I have (I have a few sporregar quests in there too) [should be easy for a group of 70s].  Also need to do Mechanar to get the last part of my Arcatraz key. I think this Friday and Saturday we are doing Guild runs of Kara and signups are at the Mythos guild boards.

Good luck everyone and I’ll speak u tomorrow. 😉

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