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April 2007
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Warp Splinter Cell

Ohh.. The title could be a before and after on Wheel of Fortune! LOL….

 So, last night…. Was a lot of fun.. No Karazhan.  Many guildies wanted a break from the ceaseless hordes of undead Horses and Stablehands. Still haven’t taken down Attumen and his little horse beastie.  However… Since we didn’t do Kara, we got a group together to go run Botanica… The thing I love about Botanica is that there are no required bosses.. There is no place where you cannot move forward without killing a particular boss..  There are 5 bosses in Bot.  The last time I was there, we skipped #2 (Some druid, nature encounter something with annoying spawns) and did the others up until the end one…   One Warp Splinter!  He has been (in my mind previously) a larger than life foe (Literally).  Needless to say… He did NOT go down.

So, this group last night.. We did pretty good.  Normal stuff.  Pretty fun.  No Hunter drops (boo).  We got to Warp Splinter and after  a long discussion on how we wanted to handle him and his healing adds decided on the straight up aprroach.  Our group consisted of a Resto Druid, Warlock, Hunter, Mage and Warrior.  We had the DPS, we were going to Shtank and Shpank.  First approach at doing so was arrested by our Druid getting aggroed by the Adds.. I mean what I wrote.. He was aggroed.. He decided to hit the little beasties with his big stick.. Bad idea.. Down he went quick and we retreated to the hallway to let WS reset.  Second try we decided to do the T&S method again. This time without the healer trying to fight adds.  And…. We blew him away!  It was a beautiful site.  Last time we tried about 15 times… This time, we got him on the second try.

I was impressed. With tears in my eyes, we took a look at the phat lootz… Ugh!!!  nothing for me.. Ah well 🙂 I did get the 1/2 Arc key part that I needed.. I still need to go to Mechanar and get the other.. Maybe tonight if we don’t do Kara.  I think we might pull the same group together and go shpank another set of boss mans….

Oh, after killing warp splinter we went back and killed a couple of the other bosses (#1 and #4 I think) then we called it a night. I think it cost me more in repairs than I ade from the trash and vendorables, but, like I said, I had a great time.

I took a few screenies last night, but none of the down boss.. I’m so bad at this.  Hey, at least I keep posting.  I really need to find time to get back to Frerevacca.  I feel so bad about leaving him sitting there in ghostlands all alone.. I wish I had more time to play and could really concentrate on getting my alts up higher.  I have a preist and a druid that are just below 30 and my horde guys on Earthen Ring which need a LOT of help..

That is all for now.. I’m not sure that anyone who comes here is really reading this crap, but I like writing it.  Hopefully I have some regulars.  Please post comments, I would love to see them..  Say hi, say how crappy you find my writing style, I don’t care.. I just want to know that the couple of “visits” I get a day might be people actually reading what i have to write. 


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