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April 2007
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Warp Burger with Mustard

Spent some time on Saturday leveling up my Cooking skill.  Bought a lot of ingredients (including the ones needed for the Master book quest [I think it was master, don’t remember]), farmed a lot of ingredients (Mostly Turtle Meat from Hinterlands coast) and Ravager Meat, and cooked myself up to lvl 325 or so.  I can now make Warp Burgers!!!!! Woot!  I can also make a whole bunch of other stuff, but that was my main goal.  The 20 Agi isn’t spectacular, but it will do. 

We were unsuccessful in our raid attempt at Kara again on Saturday and i showed up a little late on Sunday so they filled before I got there.  I don’t know if they took down Attumen and Midnight yet though. At the time of my logging out to watch Underworld: Evolution on Blu-Ray (Verrry prettttty) they had not.

I wonder if we should try going a different way and killing something else.  I read through the 2.1 patch notes and other than a few nerfs that seem to be heading most classes way, I am excited with the changes coming. Looks like some more questing areas and additional instances and the new Raid (although we won’t make it there for quite a while…).  I want to push to get my rep up to get the heroic keys. 

I think we are getting close to having almost 20 ppl attuned for kara so maybe we’ll set up two running raids and see how it works..

Anyway, that’s about it for the weekend.  I was a slacker and didn’t update until Monday, of course (what else is new).  I am still bad with screenshots, but I suppose shots of a room of dead ppl with Attumen laughing at us is not especially compelling.

Later all.

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