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April 2007
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PS the Third

Picked up a Playstation 3 yesterday.  (Yes this is NOT a WoW topic..)  Set it up and played a little Motorstorm and then !GASP! left it to go Raid Kara with Mythos.. But…… We ended up just standing around for 45 minutes waiting for others to show.. So we called it and I !!!GASP!!! logged out and went to play with the PS3.  It was a lot of fun. I played a little Motorstorm, a little Resistance: Fall of Man and a little Gran Turismo HD somthing-or-other (Free download). I played with the online store a bit, the remote play with my PSP (pretty cool stuff) and watched Casino Royale Blu-Ray disk.

Had a bit of an issue that I solved (how else) by looking on the web.  Seems that there is a current shortcoming in the PS3 that if you have a 720p TV (Which I do) and tell the PS3 that you can do 480 and 720, it will only show a Blu-Ray movie in 480….  So, I added 1080i to the list of resolutions it supports (My TV will downscale automagically) and Whalla (ok.. I don’t think I spelled that right… ) crisp beautiful movie.. I bet it would look even better at my native resolution, but until Sony fixes this I will keep it at 1080i.

Old PS2 games seem to work.. Well, NEW PS2 games work.. I tried God of War 2 after I transferred my PS2 game save over to their “Virtual Memory Card” on the PS3.  Worked like a charm. It seems a bit “fuzzier”, if that makes sense, though. Maybe it is the scaling or something. 

I had fun with it though. I put some vidcasts on a USB drive and they played great (even over remote play on the PSP).  I need to put some photos on there (I can just put the Compact Flash right into it since I got the 60GB version [of course]) to see the cool photo viewer application.  Still many things to explore and use.  Oh… I reall like the Blu-Ray remote they have (Bluetooth remote!) it is nice an solid just like most of Sony’s products. Very well put together.

Ok… Enough with that.. Of course, when I was about to go to sleep, I just HAD to log in and do a little farming.  Picking off Warp Stalkers in Terokkar to get their meat for cooking works well.  I really need to work on my cooking skill.  If anyone knows any secrets, I’m all ears.  I am pretty far back (maybe in the 100s). I’d like to be able to make the Warp Burger, etc….  How do you get these recipes?  Well, another Kara try tonight.. I have a good feeling about this.

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