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April 2007
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The Key! Attuned! The Run!

Finally.. Finally got my Karazhan key on Saturday Afternoon right before our scheduled guild run! (Whew)  Thanks goes to Blazehammer for pulling together a great PUG 🙂 (Us 2 Mythosites and 3 “randoms”)  We finished Black Morass in 1 try and finally got attuned to Karazhan. Also got some nice Hunter loot (seems all that dropped was hunter loot on this BM run.. lucky me).

The Kara run?  Well, since this was the first time most of us were there, it took some time to get used to. The respawn rate for the horse area is really tough.  Dunno.. I’m sure we will try again soon.. Pretty much wiped the 2 times we tried the stable boss dude..  Attumen the Huntsman & Midnight .  After the second wipe, our off-tank had to leave and we ended up scrubbing the run. No big deal though. I had a great time. I’m sure we’ll be moving through there like pros in no time. Maybe we need to get more Warriors attuned.  🙂 

I have it on good authority that www.bosskillers.com is a pretty good site. I haven’t taken much time to look at it, but it has been recommended for Raiding strategies.

 I’ll see if I can get some pictures up (I think I took some.. maybe not).. I’ve been really bad about the screenshots lately.. I have many, just haven’t put them up.  Maybe I should just find a gallery to put them in and point to the album page from the post.. Eh. We’ll see.

Hopefully we will give another shot to running Kara very soon.. At least to get the kinks out.  Maybe try a different direction 🙂

Well, good luck all.. See u in the game.

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