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April 2007
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The Bot…

Been a few days now since an update and it seems my readership has dwindled.. oh wait.. I didn’t have any to begin with…

Last night was PUG night. I got a PUG pretty quick for Botanica (the big Bot).  I still need my Arc key and also had a quest for a “keystone” on the first boss in there.  Things went really well.   We skipped the second boss (the herbalist or whatever) after wiping once and got to the Final boss pretty quickly.  We were mainly a DPS group with very little CC (What existed consisted of… ME!). Considering the larger pulled groups of mobs, we did fairly well.  (Warrior, Paladin, Hunter (me), Priest and Druid)   At the last boss, we just couldn’t get it done.  I think we were having issues with the Adds that happen with Warp Splinter.  This encounter is pretty annoying.  I really am starting to hate bosses that have ways of healing themselves (like the 2nd boss in Bot and the last one…)  I think we had a sound strategy, we just couldn’t kill the adds before they healed him.  We reset and retried a few times.. The Druid and Priest had to go and we found a Mage and Priest to fill but after a couple of more failed attempts, we called it a night.

 All in all, it was a fun night.  It was a good group.  Kinda quiet, not a lot of bantering and such, but fun.  I picked up one Blue that I might actually use (a Shoulder) and one that I will probably end up vendoring since no one in the group was DE..

That’s about it for this update.  Fimlys-Draenor still needs the first khaz keyfrag.. It is getting really annoying. I can’t get into a group that can pass the 3rd Shadow Labyrinth boss.. Maybe I can sneak in after he is killed 🙂

 Have a good one..

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