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March 2007
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A Tale of Two Groups

Arg… Of course.. once again, I didn’t play Frerevacca… Fimlys-Draenor is getting into some “end-game” finally and it is tough to tear yourself away from this stuff…

 Well, onto what Fimlys was doing last night…  I was pretty excited that pretty much immediately when I logged in Dragonpriest (DP) asked who needs Shadow Labs for their first key fragment for Karazhon (spelling?).  I, of course, responded “I DO! I DO! I DO! INVITE ME! SPAMSPAMSPAM”.. ok.. maybe not..

Anyway.. I got invited into a guild group to run Labs … Our group was made up of some good players, but I think our makeup didn’t make things easy.. We ran with 2 Hunters, 1 Paladin (who wasn’t specced to tank) and 2 priests (one holy, 1 shadow).  We got through the first boss, but ran into issues on the larger trash groups.  The paladin, other hunter and shadow priest headed out and we picked up a mage, rogue and out of guild Druid (to tank). 

This went a little faster and we did really well until the 3rd boss.  I think somehow either our tactics weren’t working or we were just too low on DPS to take him down fast enough.  I think we might try again tonight with a full warrior tank. (Not to say that Paladins and Druids can’t tank well, they can. But there is something to say about the ability of a properly specced warrior tank).

Well, this all went on from about 8:30pm until 2:00am.. I have to thank everyone in BOTH groups because I DID have a great time.  I have missed running instances quite a bit and if we don’t run Labs tonight, I’d like to find some other instance to run.. Of course, if things get slow.. I might move back to Frerevacca and try to get him up another level..

That’s about it for now.. I was having such a good time in the instance that I forgot to take some screenshots (although I think I have one of the 3rd boss).  I’ll try to take some next time, I promise! 🙂

See u in the game.

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