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March 2007
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Much Mayhem

I missed posting yesterday, so I am going to speak to my exploits from the night before last. (Since last night was kinda slow and I didn’t do much).

I helped out (and was helped out by) my Maythos guildies: Blazehammer, Valorious and Dimestealth. Thank you all..

We worked on a number of different quests in SMV.  I actually remembered to take some screenshots to put up of each of the boss dudes that we killed and a pic of me disguised as a box..

First thing we did was go to kill Cyrukh the Firelord

Cyrukh Alive
He’s Alive.. Alive!!!

Crukh Dead
Ok.. Now Dead (Woot)

Then we moved on to Makazradon …

Makazradon Alive
Alive…. and… Wait for it…..

Makazradon Dead

Next up they helped me with a quest in which I had to “disguise” myself as a box and listen to a conversation (seems to be a running thread in some of the BC quests.. In Draenei starting area same type of quest).. See for yourself…

Deathbringer 1

Deathbringer 2

Then we moved on to the quest to go find Oronok ( I think these quests lead me to killing Cyrukh [ the one I killed earlier ] ).. He has a very nice farm of domesticated boars.

Oronok 1

I started a few more quests (like ones given from Oronok to find his sons) but ultimately it got late and I called it a night.

Ugh.. Once again I didn’t have time to work on Frerevacca or Fimlys-ER, but I might put some time into them over the weekend. Next time I’m on, I’ll take some screenies of them..

Until next time.. See u in the game.

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