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March 2007
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Frerevacca – The Lore

Since my youth in Mulgore I have felt out of place. I love my homeland greatly, but the call of adventure has ever made me restless. Finally, in my 9th summer after my Great Hunt I made a pilgrimage to the great Blood Elf city of Silvermoon. My visions have given me to believe that my journeys will find a beginning there. I was given help getting to the beautiful city by a Prince whose familiar name is Soloron. I have joined a famous adventuring guild named “alea iacta est”. I believe they can help me in my endevours.

Soon after coming to the woods and completing some requests of the locals here, I received word through a local Druid that my presence was requested by Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff. It seems the call of Cenarius is difficult resist and I found myself on the long journey back home. Arriving there, I received training in a new skill that allowed me to more easily access the sacred Moonglade. After a long series of difficult tasks (beginning with using this new Moonglade “teleportation”), I learned the secret of taking on the Feral aspects. My first form I have learned is Bear Form.

For now my tale is at an end, but this is just the beginning. I have heard talk of further Feral aspect forms such as an Aquatic form that will allow me to breath underwater (imagine, me swimming!) and a deadly Cat form. For now, I will continue my adventures and my path toward destiny.

-Level 12, Tauren Druid